Anonymous asked:

Cite an actual quote of a typical OWS protestor criticizing the armed forces or religious believers. You're strawmanning OWS. Even if the movement is anti-capitalist doesn't mean it's against all conservative elements. Not to mention neither the military nor religion is inherently conservative. Surely there are liberal churchgoers and veterans attending the demonstrations.

Surely there are. And I’m not sure if the comments I’ve seen are representative of “a typical OWS protester.” However, a number of ugly things have been said.

From the comments of this anti-53% article:

"I agree with DJ, generally, but Marines get paid to kill human beings. Now, sure, except for murdering innocent people they’re a swell bunch."

"the guys a Marine fer christsake. They pride themselves on being a cog (mostly because they can’t achieve anything else.)

They turn their inability to accomplish any measure of human capability other than violence into a virtue.”

This reblog of a 53%er’s post:

"11) I believe that through talking to an invisible man in the sky, everything will suddenly be better, and the world will all be okay. My own personal, selfish, minuscule, meaningless life is 100% fine, so prayer must work."

And another one:

"The last four points [including two about your belief in God and prayer, and one about support of the military] prove you’re not intelligent enough to comment on the occupations…"

(This ignoring all of the “LOLOL Jesus” comments I’ve seen in various places.)

I’m sure there are liberal churchgoers and veterans attending the demonstrations. Frankly, I don’t think many of the folks at the demonstrations are paying attention to the 53% postings—they’re kinda busy in their occupations. (My local one, Occupy Utica, isn’t very active online at all—when I was there, I didn’t notice any of them having fancy surf-the-web-from-anywhere gadgets, so I figure that’s why.)

That said, there are elements attacking 53%ers for their faith, or for their military background. I uncovered these elements after just a cursory search. And yeah, it cheeses me off. And it seems to cheese of a lot of other folks, too.

Know a man by his enemies. Think I’ve chosen the right one.

EDIT: And shall we not forget the uniformed member of the Coast Guard who was spit on by alleged Occupy Boston protesters…